The versatility, features and benefits of the Multi-Fit revolutionized the flame arrestor industry and is the choice of top teams and riders around the world. From the quality of its non-absorbing stainless element, to the internal support and large parabolic cone, its performance is cutting edge. The rubber base of the Multi-Fit clamps around any conventional carburetor adapter flange or choose between the Sea-Doo LTD and Kawasaki CDCV design where no adapter is needed. Weighing in at only 148g's, it is the lightest in the world but its quality and construction put it with our Quick-Fit as the strongest in the world able to hold over 300lbs of weight  

Redefining intake performance with an emphasis on convenience, the Quick-Fit's are the finest flame arrestors on the market. From its multi-patented quick disconnect feature to the quality of a stainless non-absorbing element, lightweight composite material, large internal support and parabolic cone, Quick-Fits have it all. Not only delivering more air, but the geometry and shape of each Quick-Fit increase carburetor/injection performance as well. Each Quick-Fit is complete with all hardware and adapter weighing in at 268g's complete.