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Over 100 years of performance in conveyor equipment design and manufacturing.
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Australia/Asia Pacific

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Belt montorin system
Belt Lifter
Belt Tracking
Belt cleaners and ploughs
Conveyor Alignment
Impact Beds

Conveyor accessories help you ensure trouble-free, reliable and safe operation of your conveyor. By choosing the right conveyor accessories, operating efficiency and the life-time of main conveyor components and the conveyor belt can be remarkably increased.


We manufacture a wide range of belt cleaners of compact and efficient design that are easy to maintain.

Designed to keep the conveyor belt, pulleys and rollers as clean as possible, PROK cleaners prolong conveyor service life, improve belt tracking, minimize spillage, and improve safety and productivity.


In collaboration with the conveyor industry, we have also developed a range of monitoring, safety and control devices, such as emergency stop switches, belt rotation detectors, belt misalignment switches, blocked chute switches and an online belt condition monitoring device.