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Over 100 years of performance in conveyor equipment design and manufacturing.
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Australia/Asia Pacific

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PROKOMPOSITE, our latest generation all-composite roller, is a low-weight,
low-noise innovation that answers your need
for a superior conveyor component. 

Our new composite rollers deliver
significantly more value than competing
steel rollers, from lower cost to corrosion
resistance in wet and high-salt environments. 
They’re safer, quieter and more economical.



  • Generate more than 50% less noise than traditional steel rollers

  • Are up to 55% lighter than traditional steel rollers

  • Cost up to 20% less to own due to easier maintenance and lower energy demands  

Despite their light weight, our new PROKOMPOSITE rollers deliver durability in demanding medium to heavy duty conveying applications. 

Suitable for high speeds and large tonnages, the rollers are available in diameters from 152 millimeters to 178 millimeters with bearing sizes from 6306 up to 6310.


  • Significantly lower weight - enables
    safer, easier handling and helps
    reduce the risk of injuries that can
    occur while installing new rollers or
    replacing failed rollers during
    maintenance shutdowns

  • Less noise - the natural dampening effect of the composite means PROKOMPOSITE rollers help protect your colleagues’ hearing while minimizing audible impact on the surrounding environment

  • Strong as steel - PROKOMPOSITE rollers are as strong as comparably-sized steel rollers and can carry the same running loads

  • Advanced sealing - PROKOMPOSITE builds on more than 25 years experience in sealing to deliver an unrivalled sealing system while maintaining low drag

  • High performance end cap - providing the necessary structural integrity and optimum bearing support, ensuring that any heat buildup on the bearing is dissipated and won’t affect a roller’s long term performance

  • Non-rotating end shield - outer shield remains stationary with the roller shaft.
    If any debris becomes trapped between the frame and the end cap, it will not have any detrimental effect on the sealing system or the roller