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Over 100 years of performance in conveyor equipment design and manufacturing.
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Australia/Asia Pacific

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Belt friendly, underground roller

PROK have significant experience in designing underground conveying solutions that are safe, reliable and enable maximum productivity levels

PROK specialise in products for the future of underground coal mining. Our FRAS Hybrid Composite roller combines all the benefits of a steel roller with all the advantages of a belt friendly nylon bearing housing. FRAS hybrid rollers are fire resistant and anti static (FRAS), using high strength long fibre nylon housings to provide a robust, safe and belt friendly product.


For use in underground coal mining and confined applications the NEPEAN
Conveyors FRAS Hybrid Roller delivers:

  • Belt friendly idler operation for life

  • Corrosion resistant design

  • Simple refurbishment process

  • FRAS certified



• Ideal for safe underground operation


• Belt friendly housing, free of sharp edges


• PROK multi-labyrinth seals prevent contaminants from entering the bearing cavity


• Refurbishable design means rollers can be recycled, lowering cost per ton


• FRAS certified