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Over 100 years of performance in conveyor equipment design and manufacturing.
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Australia/Asia Pacific

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Tougher than ever, machine balanced steel roller

PROK have significant experience in designing port location conveying solutions that are safe, reliable, low noise and enable maximum productivity levels.

PROK specialise in products for the future in port locations. The majority of noise generated by conveyor rollers can be attributed to the contact between the conveyor belt and the surface of the roller. PROK have the solution with our galvanised low noise roller. It delivers extensive noise reductions, is typically used on large tonnage high-speed conveyors, often carrying iron ore, and is ideal around port facilities, close to residential areas.


For use in port applications, the PROK Galvanised Low Noise roller delivers:

  • Low vibration

  • Low noise

  • Highest bearing life

  • Low shell wear rates