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Impact Beds

PROK HA530 impact beds are designed to be installed at the conveyor system transfer point to absorb the impact force of falling material. This protects both the conveyor belt and conveyor structure from damage.

PROK’s range of impact beds have been fully engineered to deliver a high-performance solution to loading point impact issues and offer an unprecedented level of performance.

Features and benefits:

  • Removeable wing and centre sections so that the impact bars can be removed without needing to remove the complete unit. This reduces maintenance downtime

  • Increased rigidity – each impact bar is supported with steel channels

  • Adjustable wing angles which enables a precise match to conveyor line and belt profile

  • Robust design – exceeds CEMA standards for impact bed load ratings

  • Reduced spillage – allows complete sealing between belt and skirt boards


Contact PROK to discuss the selection of a suitable impact bed for your conveyor system.