Our partnership with pulley lagging specialists Elastotec is helping major mining companies to reduce operating costs and increase efficiencies.

One of Australia’s largest producing gold mines has had great success with the introduction of the Elastotec hot vulcanised ceramic lagging (HVCL) on both drive and non-drive pulleys.
To help improve the reliability of the mine’s conveyor systems, the mining company partnered with PROK as an approved Australian applicator of the HVCL product.
As part of this partnership, PROK provides pulley refurbishment services that include inspection and condition reports to analyse the componentry and look for ways to achieve the best pulley performance.
PROK Aftermarket Sales Manager Peter Poklopovich commented on the initiative “After installing the new pulley lagging system the customer experienced significant safety and cost benefits, as it meant less pulleys were changed due to lagging failures.”
You can read the full article in the Bulk Handling Review magazine here.