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Adapter Sleeve

  • Available in metric, imperial, hydraulic and non-hydraulic

  • Several locking nut options available

  • Available in a range of tapers to suit different bearings


  • Available as lip (oil) seal or vee seal

  • Available for standard or high temperature if required

  • Available in multiple sizes and widths

Bearing Housing

  • Available in two-bolt or four-bolt bases

  • Available in split or non-split (solid) types

  • Available in flange and take-up types

  • Available in a range of material options

  • Available with multiple sealing options

  • Available with grease or oil lubrication

  • Optional machining to accept vibration and temperature sensors

Sealing Arrangement

  • Available in lip-seal Taconite

  • Available in vee-seal Taconite

  • Available in standard labyrinth arrangement (no secondary seal)

  • Alternative sealing arrangements available upon request

  • Available in vertical and horizontal labyrinth


  • Available in spherical roller bearing

  • Available in CARB toroidal roller bearing

  • Available in self-aligning ball bearing

Locking Assembly

  • Available as self-centering if required

  • Available for high bending movement

  • Available for high torque transmission

  • Available in stainless steel