PROK’s engineering team provide specialised services and innovative turnkey solutions to clients located across the globe.

Conveyors are the arteries of any plant so it is important they are maintained accordingly, but this can be challenging. Our market leading engineers and technicians have the capability and flexibility to provide tailored solutions to clients to assist in getting the most out of their conveyor investment.

The main priority for the  team is to ensure customers conveyor systems are operating safely and efficiently in order to meet production targets.

Each technician is supported by the operations of PROK and are armed with an in-depth understanding of conveyor engineering, manufacturing and conveyor maintenance required for operational conveyors. On-site technicians bring reliable, flexible expertise to the front line of conveyor systems.

Increased safety, increased through put, reduced energy consumption, and reduced operational expenditure are some of the benefits our customers see through PROK Technical Services.

Below are just some of the unique capabilities we offer:


Innovative Solutions

PROK Technical Services has the capability to develop innovative bespoke equipment, for specific applications and customer requirements.

Our team are able to provide innovative solutions to customers to improve the reliability and performance of their conveyors. PROK has a strong focus on R&D and invests heavily to ensure we are at the forefront of conveyor technology.

Some of the typical components we specialise in include custom idler frames and guide roll frames, belt tracking control systems, tripper guide wheels and active winches.


Engineering Services

We provide specialised engineering support, consulting services and bespoke solutions to our global customer base.

This includes scoping studies, plant inspections and assessment, embedded personnel, maintenance and stock management services and turnkey projects.

All project management, engineering, modelling, and/or drafting is done inhouse.


Fabricating and Machining

In each region, Technicians are supported by our local state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and a pool of engineering knowledge. This ensures that each project can be addressed holistically, with the reassurance of OEM grade materials and manufacturing processes.

All steel fabrication works is done according to the latest version of the applicable Australian standards and relevant client specifications.

Typical manufacturing services include light and medium structural steel incl. conveyor structures, piping, platework, handrails and safety guarding and mechanical equipment


Operational Readiness

There is significant value for customers in extending the use of PROK to include a higher level of involvement and accountability in the management of compnonents as rotable spares.

Rotable products are a popular solution to shut down maintenance, providing ‘swapable’ conveyor components to high maintenance problems areas, including chutes.

This requires two identical versions of a component to be accessible so that when maintenance is required a new fully refurbished component can replace the worn-out piece with only the matter of installation to account for.

Whilst the refurbished piece can immediately be used in the conveyor, the damaged piece can be returned to PROK and fully refurbished to customer specifications in a safe environment. An onsite technician can facilitate such maintenance plans so to ensure for safer, quicker, more cost-effective shutdowns for even the hardest wearing conveyors.


Our  team are located across the globe including Australia, Indonesia, Chile, Brazil the USA and Canada.


To find out more about how PROK can help you optimise your conveyor system, please contact us to speak to a technical specialist.