PROK are committed to improving safety in all facets of materials handling and one area is providing belt lifters for the safe change-out of conveyor rollers.

PROK offers a range of belt lifting options for medium to heavy duty applications.

PROK Heavy Duty (HD) Belt Lifter

Our Heavy Duty (HD) belt lifters are light-weight and designed to streamline the roller replacement process – for a safer, more efficient operation that reduces the risk of damage to the conveyor belt whilst minimising downtime requirements.

PROK HD Belt Lifters have been engineered for safety and convenience, including a battery powered driver and a lightweight design, it is now easier to lift and lower conveyor belts for heavy duty belt maintenance.

  • Two-part frame for safer application
  • Battery powered driver to minimise risk of injury
  • Engineered lighter for quicker install
PROK HX280 Belt Lifter

The HX280 belt lifters (carry and return models) are designed to make roller replacements a simple and easy operation without the risk of injury to the operator or damage to the conveyor belt.

PROK HX280 Belt Lifters contain several innovative features that both improve the safety performance as well as simplify the process of changing conveyor rollers.

  • Lightweight design – easy to lift and operate by one person
  • Quick to install and operate – minimises downtime to change out rollers
  • Safe mechanical tool – reduces risk of operator injury when changing out rollers
  • Load rated – correctly designed and rated for lifting certain size conveyor belts

Contact us to discuss the selection of the suitable belt lifter for your conveyor belt width.