One of the most common challenges when operating a belt conveyor is to maintain the alignment of the belt. When installing a conveyor, it is good practice to make sure that both pulleys and idlers are aligned together with the structure and each other. Poor belt tracking, caused by misalignment of a conveyor, can be fixed either by forcing the belt over to one side or by installing a tracking device.

Efficient tracking solution

The PROK HM410 belt tracking roller is a better way to keep the belt aligned. The HM410 is a return belt tracker that helps align the belt without causing any additional wear to the belt or the structure. The HM410 brings results instantaneously so that the belt will not travel sideways as it would with a traditional tracking device.

Models for single direction and reversible belts
  • Fast automatic tracking response at the very first sign of deviation
  • Adjustable steering strength
  • Easy to install on existing and new conveyors; no extra space or extensive modification to structure
  • Belt widths from 450 mm to 2400 mm (18″- 96″)
  • Roller diameters 159 mm and 219 mm (6.3″, 8.6″)

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