PROK HX320 Conveyor Alignment System is an optical device that is used to ensure the idler frames and pulleys are installed square to the conveyor system.

The assembly consists of two frames, one of which contains an optical prism and one that has a sight staff fitted. These frames are placed a certain distance apart and by viewing the sight staff through the optical prism it can be determined if the frame is square to the conveyor system.  If not, then adjustment to the frame can be made.

When this process is repeated with each frame, it ensures that the rollers are parallel with each other and the conveyor system is accurately aligned.


Features and benefits:
  • Quick and easy to use – possible to quickly and accurately align a conveyor system\
  • Portable – easy to set up
  • Lightweight – one person can assemble and operate
  • Versatile – can align carry and return idler frames as well as conveyor pulleys
  • Optical Measurement – does not require electrical power to operate

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