Light weight, low noise, corrosion resistant roller.

Our Hybrid Aluminium roller has a unit weight approximately 35% lighter than an equivalent steel roller. The PROK Hybrid Aluminium Roller has been specifically designed for bulk handling port applications where noise, weight and corrosion resistance are of paramount importance.

Precision material selection and Australian manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce these high performance rollers in large volumes and with short lead times.

The extreme accuracy is achieved by the use of PROK high quality conveyor tube that has exacting levels of dimensional accuracy, especially in the areas of wall thickness, roundness (TIR) and straightness. The reduced inertia grants a signifcant reduction in the power required to start and stop a belt conveyor.

In addition, the non-metallic end cap provides some dampening of vibration which further reduces the roller noise. The Hybrid Aluminium roller is designed to withstand the most arduous of applications. Extensive FEA has ensured that the finished  roller is able to withstand loads and stresses that are  experienced by traditional welded steel rollers. The end cap is manufactured from a material that has exceptional mechanical and fatigue life characteristics.

It is also UV resistant to withstand years of service in the harshest of environments.

  • Fire resistant and anti-static components
  • Light weight and quieter than standard steel rollers – OH&S
  • High tensile strength alloys, no fatigue type failures
  • Corrosion resistance, suitable for highly corrosive environments (salt)
  • All aluminium tube flare tested
  • Fine tolerance, better TIR & MIS than standard steel rollers