Safe and reliable.

The PROK Polyurethane Disc rollers operate by utilising high abrasion resistance and high Hydrolytic stability polyurethane discs, positioned at regular intervals along the roller to effectively eliminate conveyor belt carry back build up. This is done by breaking up the material on the return side of the conveyor belt which is normally concentrated in the centre of the belt. The discs are bunched together at either end of the roller to provide support and protection to the belt edges.

The poly discs avoid the build up of material that can be deposited onto the roller surface which can cause the roller diameter to develop an irregular worn surface and change shape. This is often a major cause of belt mistracking.

Highly effective, PROK Poly Disc rollers are a reliable and simple maintenance solution to this common belt conveyor problem.

PROK Hybrid Polyurethane Disc rollers can be expected to yield a minimum life increase in the range of 100-300% over steel in areas of high wear (typically head/tail ends, shuttle/take-up areas and convex curves).

  • Premium grade polyurethane with market leading physical properties including optimum hardness leading to lower rolling resistances (especially when compared with poly-ester based compounds) and higher performance across many varied applications
  • Proven quality and performance with some PROK installations in for greater than 15 years of service in some of the toughest environments
  • Unaffected by high humidity and high temperatures as poly-ether based compounds with high hydrolysis resistance last much longer than a poly-ester based compounds. Reduction in tensile strength over days of operation for poly-ester and poly-ether based compounds is shown in the graph below. ¬†While the poly-ester based compound degrades in tensile strength from 55 MPa to close to 0 MPa over 50 days the poly-ether based compound is only reduced to 64% of its initial tensile strength over the same time period of 50 days.
  • The greater the hardness of the polyurethane compound the greater the hydrolytic stability.