Maximum absorption, wear resistant, belt friendly roller.

PROK have significant experience in designing underground conveying solutions that are safe, reliable and enable maximum productivity levels

PROK specialise in products for the future of mining. Our rubber disc impact rollers are a highly effective way to dampen abrupt and large impact loads and subsequently to increase the life span of the rollers used in the impact zone, such as at loading and transfer points.

The PROK Impact rollers protect the belt where the lumps, weight or shape can cause damage to the belt cover from the free fall of material. The construction of the impact roller consists of a series of resilient rubber discs assembled onto an inner heavy duty steel tube.

  • Ideal for areas of high impact loads
  • Ideal for heavy conveyor loading and transfer points
  • Protects the belt where the lumps, weight or shape can cause damage to the belt cover
  • For heavy duty applications
  • Capable for areas with freefall onto the conveyor