We are committed to supplying world class design, installation and servicing of Conveyor solutions. Our conveyor idler frames support modern bulk material handling practices and our extensive expertise guarantees our Idlers offer unsurpassed quality and reliability.

PROK 3 Roll Offset Carry

3 Roll Offset Carry

PROK 3 Roll Offset Impact

3 Roll Offset Impact

PROK 3 Roll In line Carry

3 Roll In-line Carry

PROK 3 Roll In line Impact

3 Roll In-line Impact

PROK 3 Roll Retract Trough

3 Roll Retract Trough

PROK 3 Roll Retract Impact

3 Roll Retract Impact

impact bed conveyor

3 Roll Garland Idler

impact bed conveyor

3 Roll Suspended Carry

PROK 3 In Line Bolster Carrier Trainer

3 Roll In-line Carry Trainer

PROK 3 Roll Rigid Suspended

3 Roll Rigid Suspended

PROK 3 Roll Picking

3 Roll Picking

PROK 5 Roll In Line Impact

5 Roll Inline Impact

PROK 5 Roll Bent Pipe

5 Roll Bent Pipe

PROK 5 Roll Retract Carry

5 Roll Retract Carry

PROK 5 Roll Inline Trough

5 Roll Inline Trough

impact bed conveyor

5 Roll Retract Impact

PROK 5 Roll Plain Suspended

5 Roll Plain Suspended

PROK 5 Roll Impact Suspended

5 Roll Impact Suspended

PROK 6 Roll Jackdown Impact

6 Roll Jackdown Impact

PROK 5 Roll Jackdown Impact

5 Roll Jackdown Impact

PROK 2 Roll Plain Vee Return

2 Roll Plain Vee Return

PROK 2 Roll Flat Return

2 Roll Flat Return

PROK 2 Roll Plain Suspended Vee Return

2 Roll Plain Suspended Vee Return

PROK Single Roll Flat Return

Single Roll Flat Return

PROK Single Roll Flat carry

Single Roll Flat carry

PROK 2 Roll Plain Vee Disc

2 Roll Plain Vee Return

PROK Inverted V Return Trainer

Inverted V Return Trainer

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