The PROK brand has a long history dating back to 1948 and over the years has grown to become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of conveyor equipment.

PROK was reintroduced to market as part of the acquisition completed by Miles Fuller of NEPEAN in November 2017. The reintroduction of PROK was welcomed with a lot of positivity from the market and has since seen the business experience an exciting period of growth.

This month marks two years since PROK’s return to the market.

It has been an exciting time for the business with many strategic and operational projects executed as the company increases its presence and continues to provide market leading conveyor solutions to the global mining industry.

On the 2-year anniversary of PROK’s return, we take a look at some of the key milestones and achievements the company has experienced over this time.

$5M of investment in state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment being rolled out in the Australian PROK business

PROK continues to invest heavily in new equipment, technologies and systems to optimise and streamline its manufacturing processes. These new assets lead the market and ensure PROK’s customers are leaders in conveyor performance.

New equipment includes:

  • Fully automated composite idler production

  • Automated shaft production – 1st of its kind in the world

  • Poly casting capability

  • In-house autoclave

Introduction of the new market leading composite idler – PROKOMPOSITE

PROKOMPOSITE, the latest generation all-composite roller, is a low-weight, low-noise innovation delivering significantly more value than competing plastic HDPE rollers and provides high levels of durability in demanding medium to heavy duty conveying applications.

Benefits include:

  • Generates up to 50% less noise than traditional steel rollers

  • Up to 20% lighter than plastic HDPE rollers

  • Cost up to 20% less to own due to easier maintenance and lower energy demands

  • SKF Certified – The only Australian made SKF Equipped roller

  • Advanced housing and sealing technology

PROK Bayswater revitalisation

The PROK Bayswater facility is one of the longest standing OEM conveyor facilities in Australia having opened its doors in 1965.

The facility has recently undertaken a major revitalisation project that included upgrades to workshop machinery and processes, new workshop floor layouts, new paint and flooring and improvements to the building exteriors.

Establishment of Pulley Manufacturing and refurbishment facility in NSW

In January 2019, PROK extended its conveyor component capability with the addition of a specialised OEM pulley manufacturing facility based in Gosford, NSW.

The additional manufacturing capacity includes six over-head cranes, plate rolling, state-of-the-art CNC machining, in-house stress relieving, shot-blasting, painting facilities and specialised pulley acceptance testing equipment.

This allowed PROK to provide a dedicated local option for OEM pulleys and pulley overhauls and strengthened its pulley capabilities and product offering to customers across the east coast of Australia.

Establishment of PROK Chile manufacturing capability

PROK Chile opened its doors in June 2019 and provides quality conveyor equipment and local support to customers across South America.

Located in Santiago, PROK Chile offers pulley and composite idler manufacturing capabilities along with OEM pulley refurbishment and technical services.

Establishment of PROK USA and PROK Canada

An increasing portfolio of opportunities in the Americas region saw PROK establish its PROK USA and PROK Canada facilities.

These facilities and the local teams enable PROK to work closely with customers across North America and bring additional technical support to deliver solutions with shorter lead times.

Establishment of PT PROK Indonesia

The recent formation of PT PROK Indonesia operation allows us to enhance our presence across South East Asia and provide local support to our customers in the region.

The new facility will offer the full range of engineering services and allows us to be more agile to customer requests with quicker turnaround times, local support and access to the best engineers and technicians in the market.

Establishment of PROK Pilbara

PROK has recently put the finishing touches to its new PROK Pilbara facility located in Newman, WA.

PROK Pilbara will provide local support and expert technical services, including Pulley Refurbishment Services, to customers located in the Pilbara.

Award of many new projects including one of the fastest overland conveyors in the Australian Market

PROK recently was awarded pulleys and idlers for one of the fastest overland conveyors in Australia which will eventually run at 10.6 m/s.

PROK was chosen due to our experience with high speed conveyors and our ability to meet the complex specifications required by long distance, high speed, high tolerance applications.

PROK Managing Director Paul Byrne commented on the milestone:

“It has been a huge two years for PROK.  We’re proud of our team and what we have been able to achieve since reintroducing the brand to the market. Our success is down to our passionate employees and customer focus.  We believe that if we focus on making our customers successful, we will also be successful in the long term”.

“It’s an exciting time for the business and our customers. We’re delighted so many major customers have jumped on board and supported the new PROK as we continue to invest in their success”.

You can find out more about PROK’s history here.

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