Conveyor accessories help you ensure trouble-free, reliable and safe operation of your conveyor. By choosing the right conveyor accessories, production levels, operating efficiency and the life-time of main conveyor components and the conveyor belt can be significantly increased.

When it comes to conveyor accessories, PROK has a range of high quality products and solutions available.


Belt Lifters

The ability to perform a safe and efficient roller change-out is crucial as it allows the conveyor to be back up and running a lot faster.

PROK offers heavy-duty and light-duty options. PROK Belt lifters aim to create efficient, quick, and safe roller changeouts that allows the conveyor to be back up and running much quicker, avoiding major disruptions to production.

Read more about our belt lifters here.


Impact beds

Conveyor belt damage can occur at system transfer points where falling material creates large impact forces.

PROK’s Impact Beds provide long-lasting impact absorption, additional belt stability and help prevent piercing of the belt promoting a reliable conveyor system. PROK’s range of impact beds have been fully engineered to deliver a high-performance solution to loading point impact issues.

Impact beds provide a cost-effective solution to reducing maintenance requirements relating to impact damage.


Belt Cleaners

Designed to keep the conveyor belt, pulleys and rollers as clean as possible, PROK belt cleaners prolong conveyor service life, improve belt tracking, minimize spillage, and improve safety and productivity.

Carry back from inadequate belt cleaning can lead to further material loss and maintenance issues, including creating safety hazards or belt mistracking.

PROK can provide belt cleaners specific to any application including primary and base sides of the belt, and any raw material use.


Belt Condition Monitoring

The HX270 on-line conveyor belt condition monitoring system provides real-time optical 3d belt surface scanning.

It is able to predict issues with the belt before before they become severe and require significant plant downtime and expenditure to repair.

The unit acts as a constant reference point that tracks the progression of conveyor belt damage with every rotation, driving the area of damage to a repair station when it is suspected a ‘blow out’ may occur.

This works in tandem with maintenance teams, creating a forewarning that provides the team with an opportunity to replace the conveyor belt before safety risks or substantial, time-consuming repair work is required.


Wear Liners

In addition to predicting damage it is critical to protect equipment and components against harsh material and potential wear.

ROXDUR wear plates create a layer of protection between raw material and conveyor equipment, reducing abrasion and absorbing impact. The combination of an cemented carbide and an iron matrix creates the hardest, strongest wear material on the market.

The resultant longer wear life enables less maintenance, increased productivity and lower production cost.

Available in standard sizes with a thickness of 20 to 50 millimetres, the ROXDUR product range includes welding segments, edge liners and wear plates.



As market leaders in conveyor equipment, PROK can assist assist in selecting the right accessories for your application.

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