PROKOMPOSITE, our latest generation all-composite roller, is a low-weight,
low-noise innovation that answers your need for a superior conveyor component.

Our new composite rollers deliver significantly more value than competing steel rollers, from lower cost to corrosion resistance in wet and high-salt environments.
They’re safer, quieter and more economical.


  • Generate more than 50% less noise than traditional steel rollers

  • Are up to 55% lighter than traditional steel rollers

  • Cost up to 20% less to own due to easier maintenance and lower energy demands  ​

Despite their light weight, our new PROKOMPOSITE rollers deliver durability in demanding medium to heavy duty conveying applications. ​

Suitable for high speeds and large tonnages, the rollers are available in diameters from 152 millimeters to 178 millimeters with bearing sizes from 6306 up to 6310.