PROK’s Vibration Acceptance Test Rig is the most capable equipment of its type in the market.

Commissioned in August 2017, it’s been specifically designed and engineered to handle the biggest pulleys in the market today and tomorrow.

The unique Articulating Arm arrangement ensures a 180 degrees of belt wrap, irrespective of pulley diameter, evenly distributing loads to the pulley shell.

Belt Driven with a Hydraulic Take-up to achieve the high loads required to
pre-load large bearings, without the risk of transmitting vibration from the drives.

Pulleys are rigidly mounted into the machine via four high capacity load cells, so we always know exactly how much load is being applied to the pulley.

Its robust design and dedicated footings are a result of extensive modelling to eliminate the risk of structural resonance, distortion and vibration transmission affecting results.

Simply the biggest and the best rig for Vibration Acceptance Testing in the market.