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Over 100 years of performance in conveyor equipment design and manufacturing.
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Australia/Asia Pacific

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Benefits of PROK Pulley Refurbishment

PROK Refurbished Pulleys are re-manufactured to the same exacting standards as new PROK Engineered Pulleys.

Our Refurbished Pulleys only use Genuine OEM Components. The same parts fitted to the new Pulley.

Whether it’s a new Pulley or a Refurbished Pulley we apply the same exacting Quality Control and Inspection Standards.

Our Pulley Refurbishment Team operates independently from our New Pulley Production organisation so that we can be more nimble and responsive to the needs of our customers.

The PROK Pulley Refurbishment Service extends far beyond a Fabrication and Fitting service. Our Pulley Refurbishment Service is backed by our local Engineering Team, with decades of experience in all facets of Conveyors Design, Manufacturing, Maintenance and Operations. Giving PROK the ability to support our customers in all facets of Pulley Installation, Operations and Maintenance, from Engineering and Design Investigations through to developing tailored Storage and Maintenance Strategies.

It is because of our extensive Engineering, Design and Manufacturing Expertise our Refurbished Pulleys offer unsurpassed quality and reliability. We use our capabilities to ensure our customers get the best outcomes:

  • Non-Standard Materials and Components are only ever used after rigorous assessment by PROK Engineers, and the Acceptance of our Customers

  • PROK’s Pulley Design Engineers assess all Damaged or Excessively Worn Components to determine if they can be recommended for reuse

  • PROK’s Engineers are available to review the suitability of Pulleys in light of ever increasing conveyor capacities. Extending to recommendations for Upgrades and providing guidance on Rationalising your Pulley Fleet

  • In the event of a catastrophic or other unplanned Pulley failure PROK’s Engineering and Product Expertise is at the disposal of our Clients to assist with Failure and Root Cause Analysis Investigations

PROK refurbished pulleys protect you by supplying fully engineered pulleys
re-manufactured to our specific requirements:

  • Exacting Weld Design and Quality, using on High Grade Certified Shell and End Disc Materials

  • Precision Fabrication resulting in Balanced and Vibration Free Pulleys

  • Shell Design and Manufacturing Methods that NEVER use Stiffening Rings or Locating Plates, that are the cause of so many Pulley Shell failures

  • End Discs designed for the application, taking into account Lock Design, Requisite Weld Profile and Overall Shell Stiffness

  • High Quality Fits & Finishes at Shell Bores and Shaft Journals to prevent against Creep and Fretting Corrosion

  • Assembly is performed in dedicate Assembly Bays where the risk of contamination can be controlled

  • We only deal with Reputable Suppliers and OEMs, and work with them to eliminate the Risk of using counterfeit components

We are familiar with the evolving needs of our customers, and we can readily provide the full range of options for your pulleys.

PROK Pulley Refurbishment has operations covering all of Australia, through our Pulley Refurbishment Centers located in Gosford NSW, Mackay QLD, Pilbara WA and Perth WA.

Pulley Vibration Acceptance Testing

PROK has the most Capable Pulley Inspection & Test Rig in the Australian Market. This plant, commissioning in Q3 2017, is the result of a two year Design and Manufacturing Program aimed to  developing a Test Rig for Vibration Acceptance Testing and Dynamic Balancing that can service every pulley configuration currently in the Australian Market.

Extensive design analysis with our Civil and Structural Engineering partners resulted in our Test Rig featuring large dedicated footings to minimise the risk of vibration transmission from external sources, and a structure that is both rigid and does not have any unfavourable harmonics.

Test Rig Parameters:

  • Pulleys up to 2,800 mm Diameter with Bearings up to 600 mm Diameter.

  • Up to 35T of Belt Applied Pre-Load, plus Rotating Pulley Mass, to ensure even the largest Bearings are Appropriately Loaded for Testing

  • Belt Applied Load for Optimal Load Distribution and to Minimise Noise Transmission when taking Vibration Readings

We can either collect Vibration Data using our own CommTest (GE) Vibration testing equipment, or we can work with our Customer’s preferred in-house or independent testing personnel.