PROK Pulley Refurbishment

PROK pulleys are designed and engineered for extended service in heavy duty mining and industrial applications. This specifically includes designing these pulleys so they can be refurbished, generally allowing the most expensive parts of the pulley being the shell and shaft to be salvaged and reused safely, representing a significant cost saving against purchase of a completely new pulley.

Cost Effective

PROK refurbished pulleys provide a significant cost saving against the purchase of a new pulley. In most cases the pulley shell and shaft can be refurbished, resulting in a greatly reduced lead time compared to building a completely new pulley.

OEM Specification Parts and Quality of Assembly

PROK pulley refurbishment centres have access to all current manufacturing drawings and specifications. This ensures that all materials and parts meet or exceed the specified requirements for the original pulley.
As one of the largest manufacturers of conveyor pulleys, PROK can re-manufacture all major components such as the shaft or shell in order to return your existing pulley to service in an efficient and safe manner.

Our extensive engineering, design and manufacturing expertise ensures our refurbished pulleys offer unsurpassed quality and reliability.

  • PROK uses geuine OEM parts
  • PROK’s pulley design engineers assess all damaged or excessively worn components to determine if they can be recommended for reuse
  • PROK’s engineers are available to review the suitability of pulleys considering ever-increasing conveyor capacities, providing recommendations for upgrades and guidance on rationalising your pulley fleet
PROK refurbished pulleys protect you by supplying fully engineered pulleys re-manufactured to genuine OEM standards:
  • Exacting weld design and quality, using only high grade certified shell and end disc materials
  • Precision fabrication resulting in balanced and vibration free pulleys
  • Shell design and manufacturing methods that never use stiffening rings or Locating plates, that are the cause of so many Pulley Shell failures
  • End discs designed for the application, considering lock design, requisite weld profile and overall shell stiffness
  • High quality fits & finishes at shell bores and shaft journals to prevent against creep and fretting corrosion
  • Assembly is performed in dedicate assembly bays where the risk of contamination can be controlled
  • We only deal with reputable suppliers and OEMs, and work with them to eliminate the risk of using counterfeit components

We are familiar with the evolving needs of our customers, and we can readily provide the full range of options for your pulleys.

Pulley Vibration Acceptance Testing

PROK maintain a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art pulley Pulley Vibration Acceptance testing equipment, providing peace of mind for mining companies knowing their pulleys have been tested to OEM standards.

We offer market leading test facilities located in major mining regions across the globe.